Why connect your Work products to multiple devices?

Why connect your Work products to multiple devices?

We don't just make products; we design technology to improve people's lives. JLab keyboards and mice are able to connect to three devises simultaneously. So you can go from writing an email on your computer to sending a long text back to a friend with just a button touch. And we know the hybrid work-life is here to stay so this added convenience makes it easier to go from office, to home to life easily.


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  • Allows you to move from your office to your home office seamlessly
  • Tablets and Macs don’t have usb and extra ports – so now you can work wireless with one of the Bluetooth connections
  • You have options! Want to write a long text – pair your phone to the keyboard. Want to prop up your laptop so you have a better angle for video conferencing – use the wireless computer from anywhere.


  • Creators: You’re editing a graphic on your Macbook and then need to switch to your PC to let people know you’re finished.
  • Hybrid workers: Bring your favorite mouse with you from your work computer to home computer.
  • Multi-taskers: If you have your calendar open on your table but then want to draft an email on your laptop.
  • Busy socializers: Enjoy faster texting on your phone when you connect to a JLab keyboard.
  • Text fight? Maybe you’re are arguing with your gf/bf … you can out-text her here.
  • Users: OMG – your Macbook has no ports! Don’t worry you can connect via Bluetooth
  • No ports left?! Sheesh you have so many devices and dongles that you’re out of space. Don’t worry, we connect via Bluetooth.

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You can connect up to three devices to your JLab mouse or keyboard. One connection is via USB dongle and the other two are Bluetooth wireless connections. You can connect computers, tablets, laptops, desktops and mobile phones – anything with a Bluetooth connection.

First connect all the devices you’d like connected to your keyboard or mouse.
To connect, you’ll follow the instructions in the manual – which generally is to power on the keyboard or mouse until it flashes blue. Then go to your device (computer, tablet, etc) and go into Bluetooth settings. You’ll see the JLab product pop up in those settings. More specific instruction are available for each product.
We’re glad to bring real innovation and surprisingly awesome value to new categories – making your (work) life better everyday.


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Filomena Mazzeo

Hi just letting you know how i feel about the keyboard i just purchased from walmart . For a little under 20$ i dont have any complaints , However and i will take half the blame for not paying attention ,I was too busy looking over all the keyboards they had to offer making sure the one i picked had Bluetooth I had totally forgotten about a mouse or preferably a little mouse pad but other than that its great , took a few min to figure how to connect to ipad but its great and with that i see you have some audio products that may be of interest to me and at the same time i may have something that may interest you! I had just recently broke my headphones .ive had them for over 11 yrs and if you could see them you would go WOW! Why haven’t you replaced them years ago? Well despite how they look which is really bad they sound and felt awesome to wear! My wife gave me a heads up my xmass gift was going to be those dr Dre beats ,the solo pro wireless ,for $200 , I told her to cancel . She asked why ? Cause i wasnt born yesterday and can tell its overhyped overpriced junk. However if you have any type of preferably wireless studio grade , flat responsive headphones ? Closed back a plus but not a deal breaker but definitely not earbuds ! I listen to music at a decibel rate probably not legal in most states , and with that i would also like to say im a simi professional guitarist can play rock,rap,metal ,hardcore,death core ,punk , can also play country but will charge 12 times the amount of any of the others and add pop to that list as well ,where am i going with this , well if youmake a great headphone maybe we can talk about sponsorship and commercial you have my phone number txt first and my email throw me a line if interested

Anthony Artea aka AnthonyStHellhammer


carlos gomez

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