JLab x College Sports

Your Tech Partner in Collegiate Athletics

JLab is proud to partner with powerhouse college athletics. From lively tailgates to coaches play calling, and courtside rivalries to college athlete NIL deals, JLab joins the action and connects with 182M+ fervent college sports fans nationwide. We’re excited to partner with 17 D1 college schools, showcasing the passion and loyalty of fans and athletes across the US.

Whether creating cutting-edge tech products or pursuing athletic greatness, being the best takes hard work and commitment – and JLab is proud to partner with schools who are showcasing the hard-work, perseverance and even the championship celebrations across football, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf and more.

JLab Tech Roster

Scenes from College Sports

JLab brings vibrant energy and is a beacon of innovation amidst the adrenaline-charged atmosphere of college basketball courts and football fields. Coaches sport their JLab headsets, channeling the game's pulse with crystal-clear communication and dynamic strategies. It's a symphony of sound and spectacle, where cutting-edge tech meets the raw passion of the game, all powered by JLab Tech!