Multi-Device computer keyboards for your (work) life.

Bluetooth keyboards are essential to our (work) life. That’s why we’ve created not one or two...but three options for you to choose from. From working on the go, working from home, and working with ultimate focus and efficiency, JLab has the best fit for your workspace.

  Best For Size Power App Customization


On the go 78 keys 4 months
(2 AAA Batteries)


Working from home/office 95 keys
with number pad
10 months
(Rechargeable 800mAh)


Full workstation set up home/office 108 keys
with number pad
2+ years
(Rechargeable 2000mAh)

Whether you use a laptop or a PC JLab wireless keyboards include multi-connect, which allows you to switch between three devices with just the click of a button. Picture this: You’re in your dream RV, working with a fantastic view of the coast, but your mom is absolutely blowing up your iPhone or Android with text messages. You don’t want to pick up your phone because you have to type quickly. With just a click on any JLab Keyboard you’re now connected to your phone and typing 120 words per minute on your cell phone. Did we mention this works with your Chromebook, iPad, or tablet too? Ya. We think it’s pretty sweet too.

Multi-connect isn’t enough? What if we told you that we created an app for our JBuds and Epic keyboards that allow you to program hotkeys for shortcuts to all your favorite pc/mac functions? We know your Excel top five are probably pretty different from your Minecraft top five, so you can save up to three unique profiles and easily switch between them depending on what you’re doing. Plus Epic Keyboard has three fully customizable keys on the right side above the arrow pad.