Better for all

Doing what’s right for people and the planet

We operate with integrity and try to do right by people and the planet. It all starts with our team and the supportive culture in which we work every day. We value our partners and all those who play a role in bringing our great products to consumers. We are committed to not littering the world with disposable products by designing for durability, using 100% recyclable packaging, and offering e-waste recycling. We endeavor for people to feel great about purchasing and owning our products and the impact JLab makes.


We are working towards a better more sustainable world! Every day we continue to improve our products and help reduce carbon emissions.

Making our products better Frankly, it seems like tech brands are more concerned with squeezing every dollar out of consumers than squeezing the most functionality and fun into every product. JLab is a brand that cares. About consumers. About designing for maximum usefulness and useful life. About the entire experience from buying to operating to getting help when needed. Really, about everything. That's JLab.
Reducing carbon emissions Our returnless exchange process eliminates 50% of the TCO2e emissions. Instead of asking consumers to send back their product to verify its warranty, they follow our proof of disposal process – thus eliminating the need to ship back.


Doing our part for the planet and your wallet! Products returned to us don’t go to waste.

Refurbished products

JLab works hard to make sure products returned to us don’t go to waste. That's why we created our refurb program, so people like you can experience our surprisingly awesome value at a fraction of the cost without adding additional waste into our world. Shop refurb here: Certified Refurbished


We found a way to ditch the plastic! From 100% recyclable packaging to free electronic recycling. JLab is dedicated to protecting our planet.

100% recyclable packaging JLab was the first major audio brand to have fully recyclable packages when we announced it in 2019. And fully recyclable is a big deal: This means after you open your product, you can put the box directly into the recycling bin and every component of it is recyclable. We looked at every detail to make it 100% recyclable ♻
Free electronics recycling

Ready to upgrade to some JLab tech? We'll take your any and all electronics no matter the brand. Have an old set of AirPods? Maybe Skullcandys? An old Jabra work headset? Send them to us and we can help save your trash can and the planet. Check out the page below to learn how to recycle your electronics for free!