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Straight from the Lab, we are innovating the gaming category with our touch of real innovation and surprisingly awesome value. From headphones that offer a fast connection and comfortable fit, to accessories that have the performance and flash that gamers want, we're here to make gaming better.

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From the CEO

"JLab isn't new to gaming, but the launch of Nightfall levels up our brand with a collection that speaks directly to this audience. From the product to the packaging and renewed sponsorships in the gaming community, we're making moves to be an active and connected part of gaming culture. For gamers new to JLab, they're going to be very surprised at the precision sound, comfort and tech features we pack into a very affordable gaming headset." - JLab CEO Win Cramer


Wired multiplatform over-ear gaming headset with quick mute
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Woman wearing Nightfall Gaming headset
Girl playing a game with JLab Nightfall Gaming headset
Man changing the volume on the JLab Nightfall Gaming headset

What's Important to Gamers

Today's gamer deserves the right sound for every moment. That's why JLab focused on the crystal-clear communications and immersive sound.

Woman using the mircophone on the JLab Nightfall Gaming Headset

Microphone and Comms

Having clear conversations is critical for any game. JLab gaming headsets feature a near-field directional mic captures your voice but not the sounds around you. A gain cap eliminates distortion of your voice so you and your partners can focus on the game.

Graph of the sound curve for the Nightfall Gaming headset from JLab

Gaming Sound Curve

JLab gaming headphones deliver immersive spatial audio and powerful sound, enhancing your gaming experience by providing rich audio with clarity and deep bass. JLab considered sound like explosions, gunshots, talking, sirens, background music and more to tune the drivers for a wide array of games like Call of Duty, Fortnite and Overwatch 2.

TeamSpeak Certified

Approved headphone for popular gaming chat software used on Twitch and more.

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