Tara Daye: Amplifying Her Game with JLab

Tara Daye: Amplifying Her Game with JLab

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In collegiate basketball, players like Tara Daye stand out for their skills and dedication. As St. John's Women's Basketball team secures a spot in the Women’s Basketball Invitation Tournament, Daye's partnership with JLab helps fuel motivation in her pursuits on and off the court. 

St. John’s is Heading to the Big Dance

The Madness of March is upon us, as St. John's clinched their spot in the Women’s Basketball Invitation Tournament. With Tara Daye's skill on the court and her team's tenacity, St. John’s is ready to take on Florida in what promises to be an electrifying matchup. Be sure to tune in on March 21st to catch all the action!

Partnering with JLab: Enhancing Athletic Performance

For Daye, JLab headphones are more than just accessories – they're tools for improvement. Whether it's gearing up for a game or finding her groove in practice, Daye relies on her JBuds Lux Headphones to get in the zone.

"Becoming a JLab partner means everything to me," says Daye. "Growing up in a very cultured, vibrant inner city made my relationship with music concrete. Going into practice and games I’m most comfortable listening to producers I can relate to like MCVertt who’s based out of my hometown Newark, NJ. In Jersey, we listen to music that makes you want to dance. I use the noise cancellation and music features when I need to get motivated for the day."

Daye's partnership with JLab isn't just about sports; it's about staying true to her roots. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, she finds comfort in the music that reflects her upbringing. With JLab, she brings a piece of home with her wherever she goes.

A Rising Athlete

Daye's journey epitomizes the student-athlete spirit. As she continues to make strides in collegiate basketball, her partnership with JLab serves as a testament to her dedication and ambition.

Tara Daye's story is one of determination, with JLab playing a crucial role in her journey. As she and her team head to the Women's Basketball Invitation Tournament, Daye's partnership with JLab adds an extra layer of motivation, propelling her towards success on and off the court.

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