Small Wonder, Big Wins at IFA 2023

Small Wonder, Big Wins at IFA 2023

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The JBuds Mini earbuds, affectionately known as "tiny titans," are winning hearts and awards, with the most recent addition being the prestigious "Best of IFA 2023" award. These remarkable earbuds have not only captured the admiration of users but have also earned recognition from experts in the field, solidifying their position as a top-notch choice in the world of audio technology. Their performance defies their size, making them a standout in the crowded earbud market. Here's what the press has to say about these miniature marvels.


"The JLAB JBuds Mini true wireless earbuds are super small and come in a wide array of colors. This case is so tiny that you can put it on your keychain and you'll always have a pair of earbuds with you. The earbuds are also on the small side, so people with smaller ears should find them more comfortable. These are available in mid-September for $39.99." 


"JLab tends to target the entry-level with unique or off-the-wall design features. The new JBuds Mini are small enough to attach to your keychain comfortably — and in fact, that’s their intended means of transportation. That’s cool because it makes them much more difficult to forget (and, by extension, your keys). Though these earbuds were announced at CES this year, they weren’t made available until now. These should hit shelves and online retailers on September 1 for $39.99."


"Next on our list is the JLab JBuds Mini; while the brand may not be at the top of the list for many, the ability to ship a compact and affordable yet capable audio product is challenging. And the JBuds Mini, which cost only $40, crosses many of the right boxes. 

The earbuds feature neodymium drivers, active noise cancellation, and battery life that doesn't cut corners (five and a half hours of listening time per charge). Plus, the small size will be a great fit for many users who have struggled with finding the right pair of wireless earbuds." 

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"Struggling to find a pair of earbuds that fit in your ears? Well, struggle no more, because JLAB has the answer in the (very miniscule) form of its JBuds Mini; the smallest earbuds available on the market. If your ears can't accommodate regular earbuds without you experiencing searing pain, then you need to see what these cute lil 'buds have to offer. 

Sporting an excellent battery life (despite their diminutive stature) great sound, and the aforementioned small sizing, these earbuds are perfectly placed to allow even the tiniest of ears to enjoy pitch-perfect music. With a small charging case to match, you'll be hard-pressed to find a pair of earbuds that deliver this level of comfort while simultaneously packing in big, bassy, beat-driven brilliance." 


"Tired of the earbud struggle? Look no further than JLAB's JBuds Mini, the tiniest earbuds on the block. If your ears refuse to play nice with regular earbuds, causing you agony, it's time to check out these adorable little 'buds.

Despite their petite size, they pack a punch with great sound and a surprisingly solid battery life. These earbuds are a perfect fit for even the tiniest ears, delivering pitch-perfect music. And don't be fooled by their small charging case – it's a match made in comfort heaven. Offering big, bassy, beat-driven brilliance like no other small form factor ‘phones, the JLab Jbud Minis are waaay bigger than their diminutive form factor gives away. Earbud struggles, be gone!" 


"Want a comfortable set of wireless earbuds without the bulk? The JLab JBuds Mini are just about the smallest out there, but still manage to pack in five hours of music playback on a full charge. They also have an IP55 rating, making them sweat-resistant if you want to use them during workouts. At just $40, they’re proving that true wireless earbud tech truly is for everyone now."


There’s no question earbuds keep getting smaller, and JLab is bringing us the smallest yet—the JBuds Mini. They’re the perfect solution for someone who finds larger earbuds uncomfortable or wants something light and easy to carry. The charging case even has a loop on it for adding to your keyring. The battery provides up to 5.5 hours of listening and, despite their small size, the JBuds have touch controls. Unfortunately, aside from the microphone for calls, noise-canceling capabilities are absent. Still, for $40 the JLab JBuds Mini (available for preorder now) pack a lot into a small size.


"You must be familiar with the adage – good things come in small packages. Well, JLabs took the phrase literally and, at IFA, showcased the smallest TWS earbuds from any major headphone brand. Dubbed the JLabs JBuds Mini, the earbuds are lighter and more compact than popular TWS alternatives like the AirPods.

Despite that, the JBuds Mini is chockablock with enticing features, and the earbuds support Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity. As such, you can connect the JBuds Mini to two devices simultaneously. More notably, the earbuds offer an IP55 rating, so you can use the pair in the gym, or when you’re out for a run too." 


"JLab claims that finding true wireless earbuds that provide a secure and comfortable fit is a common lament, especially among people with small ears. The JBuds Mini are 30% smaller than JLab's GO Air POP earbuds and ship with a charging case that’s incredibly small and light, including Apple's third-generation AirPods." 


"JLab's extremely affordable earbuds already strike a solid balance of value and performance, but the company set out to "drastically" reduce size and weight with its latest model. First announced back in December, the JBuds Mini is a set of insanely tiny wireless earbuds with a charging case smaller than a car key fob. While the $40 earbuds lack more advanced features like active noise cancellation (ANC), JLab didn't cut corners on the basics. Those items include customizable touch controls, transparency mode, multipoint Bluetooth and solid battery life." 


"JLab is a popular brand in many markets, making compact, feature-rich wireless earbuds at affordable prices. In fact, the pocketable JLab JBuds Air ANC are our go-to budget wireless earbuds. Now, the company has announced one of its tiniest models yet, called the JBuds Mini, and they live up to their name without compromising performance, battery life, features, or anything else you may typically associate with the size of the buds.Late last year, we learned of JLab’s plans for the JBuds Mini in 2023. The design hasn’t changed much since then, and undoubtedly, the biggest attraction of the JBuds Mini is its size, which is in the same league as Skullcandy’s Dime earbuds. Compared to other JLab products, the JBuds Mini earbuds are 30% smaller than the sleek Go Air Pop, making them the perfect earbuds to try if most other models feel uncomfortably large. The charging case is also 50% smaller than that of the Go Air Pop, measuring just 2.08 × 1.38 × 0.94 inches. The small size makes the earbud case ideal for use as a keychain, and a suitable loop is available as well." 


"When it comes to the best true wireless earbuds, size matters – and big isn't necessarily better. Larger earbuds can be hard to fit, if you have smaller ears. Even if like me you have a head like a hippo's, the combination of large size and weight in some big earbuds can be wearing over longer periods.  

So we're quite taken with the new JLab JBuds Mini, which are set to launch on September 1. They're smaller than many car key fobs in their case and they're absolutely tiny: each little bud weighs just 3.3g." 


"Even a pair of the most expensive wireless earbuds is completely useless if you forget to grab them when you head out the door. But instead of incorporating fancy electronic trackers that alert you if they’re left behind, the new JLab JBuds Mini come in a tiny charging case that you can unobtrusively leave attached to your keys.  

For 2023, JLab will be introducing its new JBuds Mini, which it claims come in a charging case that’s 30% smaller than what the GO Air POP wireless earbuds included, and even smaller than the Apple AirPods’ charging case, which is one of the smallest and easiest wireless earbud cases to slip into a pocket." 


"True wireless earbuds come in all shapes and sizes, but what if you want the smallest buds possible? Well, JLab has something for you as it’s just announced the JBuds Mini. 

JLab claims that the JBuds Mini are the smallest true wireless earbuds on the market among major manufacturers. The company adds that these new earbuds are 30% smaller than its previous Go Air Pop buds and have a smaller and lighter charging case than the “top leading brands on the market.” 


"Officially, JLab isn’t saying that its new JBuds Mini wireless earbuds are the smallest in the world. After all, with the insane number of wireless earbuds now available on Amazon, Alibaba, and elsewhere, there could be some that are smaller than the JBuds Mini. Instead, JLab’s claim is that the JBuds Mini are the smallest true wireless earbud from any major manufacturer. And I’m forced to agree — I’ve never seen any buds this small. 

JLab announced the JBuds Mini at CES 2023 and we’ve been patiently waiting for the company to make them available. Today’s the day: You can buy them from JLab directly or from retailers like Amazon for $40." 


"While everything seems to be getting BIGGER, JLab is raising expectations as it decreases the size of its JLab’s JBuds Mini. A common lament people have with true wireless earbuds is finding a secure, comfortable fit, a complaint especially prevalent among people with ears on the smaller side. Designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit, especially for small ears, the JBuds Mini is 30% smaller than JLab’s highly rated GO Air POP earbuds. And comes with a charging case smaller and lighter than the top leading brands on the market, including Apple’s third-generation AirPods." 


"JLab may not have the same cachet as Apple or Samsung, but it’s doing something that neither AirPods nor Galaxy Buds have done: going big on going small. 

I’m talking really small; the recently launched Jbuds Mini are tiny. I’d rattle off specs, but sometimes pictures speak louder than words, so first, drink in this picture of the buds next to an SD card." 



"The JBuds Mini by JLab are unique new wireless earbuds that are defined by their significantly small size and come with a charging case that is smaller than the size of a car key fob. Other elements include the transparency mode, strong battery life, multipoint Bluetooth, custom touch controls, and more, which are not compromised or lost in the smaller size variation. 
The company notes that the JBuds Mini are about 30% smaller than the Go Air Pop earbuds and the new case is half of the size that came in the previous iteration. The developers ensure that the audio is handled with 6mm dynamic drivers with noise-canceling microphones to access during calls. Finally, the multipoint Bluetooth ensures that switching between devices is seamless."


"We all value compactness in our true wireless earphones, but the JBuds Mini from JLab takes things to the next level. 

This teeny tiny set of ‘buds is so small, it comes with a little lanyard and a keyring for hooking it onto your keys. JLab is claiming that the JBuds Mini are the smallest true wireless earbuds on the market, and we’re not inclined to disagree. 

According to JLab, the case is smaller than most car key fobs an weighs a mere 18.5g, while the earbuds themselves are 30 percent smaller than the company’s much loved (including by us) JLab Go Air Pop. They weigh just 3.3g each, which is nothing." 


"Finding true wireless earphones that fit perfectly can be tricky if your lugs are a little on the small side. That shouldn’t be a problem with JLab’s latest pair, the JBuds Mini: the firm reckons these elfin earbuds are smaller than anything else on the market, and have been designed with comfort in mind. 

Roughly 30% smaller than JLab’s already compact Go Air POP earphones, each ‘bud weighs just 3.3g and live in a charging case so tiny you can hook it into your keyring. Three sets of bundled gel ear tips should guarantee a firm fit no matter your ear size, and the IP55 rating means they’ll cope with a few sweaty gym sessions too." 


“The smallest true wireless earbud of any major headphone brand,” according to JLab, and comfortable enough to wear while sleeping. They feature Bluetooth multipoint for quick swaps between your computer and phone, with 5.5 hours of continuous playtime, or 20 hours after recharging from the case. They’re sweat-proof, and also offer a pass-through audio feature to better hear your surroundings." 


"Lab launched its latest true wireless earbuds at IFA 2023, and they may just be the smallest in-ears we've ever seen. Designed specifically for those users with smaller-sized ears who struggle to find a secure fit, the new JBuds Mini are 30% smaller than JLab’s previous GO Air POP earbuds. They're so small, in fact, that the earbuds' charging case is titchy enough to fit on a standard keychain. 

That also makes the JBuds Mini a potentially perfect choice for on-the-go users who want small, unobtrusive buds that can slip inside a pocket, bag or even onto a set of car keys. That tiny charging case measures 52mm × 35mm × 24mm and weighs just 18.5g, whereas each earbud weighs in at 3.3g."


"JLab is raising expectations as it decreases the size of what is possible with the global launch of the smallest earbuds on the market[1], JLab’s JBuds Mini ($39.99). A common lament people have with true wireless earbuds is finding a secure comfortable fit, a complaint especially prevalent among people with ears on the smaller side. Designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit especially for small ears, the JBuds Mini is 30% smaller than JLab’s highly rated GO Air POP earbuds and comes with a charging case smaller and lighter than the top leading brands on the market, including Apple’s third-generation AirPods. When the JBuds Mini launch on September 1st, 2023, it will be the first time JLab releases a new product globally. Until now, JLab has introduced new products through retail channels in North America first, with distribution in other regions occurring months later."


"The smallest earbuds in the world are being showcased at IFA Berlin 2023, and they've certainly caught our eye. Even better, the JBuds Mini is hitting the stores, so you'll get to try them out yourself. On top of being absolutely adorable thanks to their miniature size, they're also powerful earbuds that will help you listen to your favorite music or take calls on the go." 


"JLab has consistently produced some of the best cheap earbuds over the last few years. The company offers solid performance and decent sound quality for well under $50 in some models. For 2023, JLab is taking things a step further in multiple ways with its smallest true wireless earbuds yet and also its first premium noise-canceling set. What's more, the company is jumping into the over-the-counter hearing aid market with two options with "discreet" designs. 

First, the $39 JBuds Mini are 30-percent smaller than JLab's Go Air Pop that debuted in 2021. They aren't the company's cheapest model, but despite the tiny stature, the JBuds Mini still pack on-board controls, Bluetooth multipoint connectivity and over six hours of listening on a charge (over 20 hours with the case). The charging case is also quite small — about the size of a car key fob — and has an integrated key ring loop." 


"JLab is launching these ridiculously small earbuds (below) at IFA 2023 – where the case is small enough to have them on your keyring without it feeling weird.  

The JBuds Mini are practically weightless, as well as being the size of a little fingernail. If you need some buds that you can always have with you, without even thinking about it, they’re ideal.  

And they’re not basic either – you can customize the sound in the app and more. You'll be able to buy them this month for $39 (around £30 / AU$60)." 


"Long text Earbuds are small, and no one was really asking them to be smaller. However, that didn’t stop JLab from further reducing their size. Today, JLab just unveiled the Jbuds Mini, according to Engadget, and they’re so small that the charging case can fit on a keychain. 

The company announced the earbuds back in December 2022, so it’s definitely been a long time coming. While these earbuds are small, the company managed to retain a solid experience." 


"Long text The wireless earbuds market has just witnessed a groundbreaking innovation with the launch of the JLab JBuds Mini. Announced on August 31, 2023, these earbuds are making headlines for being the smallest true wireless earbuds available today. But don’t let their size fool you; they pack a punch when it comes to performance and battery life. Here’s everything you need to know about JLab JBuds Mini Wireless Earbuds." 


"We may have already rounded up the best of IFA Awards 2023, but there's still plenty of great audio products at all kinds of price points from the consumer electronics event that deserve your attention.  

One of the cheapest wireless earbuds announced at IFA 2023 was the JLab JBuds Mini true wireless earbuds priced at $39 / £39 (around AU$60 based on exchange rates at the time of writing). They are available in aqua teal, black, mint green, pink, and sage gray color options, and can be purchased directly from the JLab online store.   

While many of the best wireless earbuds are making their latest designs smaller than their predecessors, some designs are still too large for some users. Wearers with small ears can often feel overlooked, but JLab has a solution with its JBuds Mini design specifically built for wearers with small ears." 


"Short text JLab says its JBuds Mini, which will be first shown at the IFA event in Berlin, are the smallest true wireless earbuds on the market and have been designed specifically for those with smaller-sized ears who struggle to find a good fit. 

With a case smaller than most car key fobs, the earbuds are 30 percent smaller than JLab’s GO Air POP earbuds and are super portable. Despite the compact dimensions, the firm said that JBuds Mini retain its signature style and audio quality."

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