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JLab products now include tile!

JLab Sound App

With the new JLab Sound app, you'll have control to customize the Noise Control settings, Be aware audio, touch controls, and sound to your personal preference - or use the presets for JLab Signature, Balance or Bass Boost. Plus get software updates for your product right when they're available. Available on the App or Google Play Store.

Here's what soundAp is


Active Noise Canceling Control


With the new JLab Sound App, you'll be able to increase the active noise canceling from off all the way to max ANC, (on your ANC compatible earbuds) while in the earbuds themselves you can only select on or off.

Be Aware Audio

Be Aware Audio

Bring the outside in. Use the JLab Sound App to increase or decrease the amount of outside noise you let in by adjusting your Be Aware settings. (For Be Aware Compatible earbuds only)

EQ Customization

EQ Customization

Fine tune your sound by adjusting the equalizer settings. JLab products come set with three default settings - called Custom EQ3 Sound, which features JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost and a 4th option 'Custom'. Use the JLab Air ANC App to test and set your own equalizer settings by adjusting Bass, Mid-Range, and Treble. You can adjust each of the four presets, which includes a 'Custom' option with levels starting flat.

Custom Controls

Custom Controls

JLab products come with controls in each earbud that control anything from volume, track changes, play/pause and more. If you'd like to switch the settings, you can customize your controls further via the app.