Driving Success: Neal Shipley Teams Up with JLab

Driving Success: Neal Shipley Teams Up with JLab

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Neal Shipley, a top amateur golfer, is on the brink of a professional breakthrough. His 2nd place finish at the 2023 US Amateur, qualification for the 2024 Masters and US Open, winning the 2024 Southwestern Invitational, and earning recognition as Big 10 Golfer of the Week further establish his status in the golfing world.

Impact at Ohio State

As a graduate student at Ohio State, Shipley made an immediate impact with consistent play and impressive scores, finishing with the second-lowest scoring average on the team.

Off-Course Achievements

Beyond his achievements in golf, Shipley has excelled academically, completing a master's degree in data analytics alongside his athletic pursuits.

Partnering with JLab

Shipley's journey is now enhanced with his partnership with JLab, utilizing the JBuds Lux headphones. "JLab headphones have become my new constant companion," he shares. "Whether I'm traveling, practicing, warming up, or diving deep into homework and studying for exams, their comfort and sound quality make every moment more enjoyable and productive."

Following Shipley's Journey

Stay tuned for more updates as Shipley tees off with JLab, venturing into the Masters and beyond, ready to make waves with top-notch audio tech.

Click below to learn more about JLab's partnership with the PGA and its commitment to supporting emerging talents in golf in the US and internationally. 

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