Recyclable packaging + Recycling Headphones

Recyclable packaging + Recycling Headphones

We recycle One Ton of electronics per year

In 2019, we recycled one ton of electronic material. We offer an industry-leading Recycling Program where we accept any old headphones (any brand, any model) and to reward you for recycling your electronics, we offer 30% off your JLab purchase.  Learn more here. 

Why recycle? Many reasons to recycle your electronics, including protecting your personal information, which may be stored on the device. Learn more here.

GO Green: Recyclable packaging

JLab is always looking for ways to make our packaging and products more environmentally friendly. We produce high quality products with a friendly price, and consider all the details when creating a package to reduce our footprint. Our current packages are fully recyclable and include minimal packaging materials. Also, we are exploring even more sustainable packaging options to be used in 2020. From reducing the size of the overall package, to minimizing the content provided in the package, we reduce the printing and packaging needs as much as possible. We even offer more product manuals and how-to guides online than ever before.

If you want to do more, remember to recycle your old headphones and electronics. Learn more here. 

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