JLab's Gift: Spreading Joy at Rady Children's Giveathon

JLab's Gift: Spreading Joy at Rady Children's Giveathon

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In the spirit of giving, JLab is proud to support the Rady Children's Giveathon, set to take place on December 13-14. Along with a $30,000+ donation, JLab has pledged to make a difference by donating more than $6,500 in headphones to patients, along with headsets for volunteers operating the donation phone bank.

JLab teammembers also volunteered to take phone calls and make outgoing calls to perspective donors - an experience that was as rewarding for Rady's as it was for employees.

"Volunteering to support Rady Children's at the iHeartMedia giveathon this year is bigger to me than a day of service," said Dawn. "I go to honor my friend Khuong, I go to experience the generosity of donors and hear their voices, and I go to represent a company committed to philanthropy. Volunteers at the event celebrated every call and donation, and the team did a great job of making everyone feel important to a cause bigger than all of us."

JLab Work Headsets at Rady's giveathon

JLab employees volunteer at Rady's

The Rady Children's Giveathon stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to raising funds for children in need. It's a two-day affair where volunteers unite to answer phones, gather donations, and contribute wholeheartedly to this noble cause. Recognizing the necessity of seamless communication during this bustling event, our donation of headsets aims to ensure clearer interactions and enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Our involvement extends further than just donating headphones. JLab is enthusiastic about contributing our products on-site, creating an atmosphere where individuals can witness the joy of receiving these donations firsthand.

Moreover, we are advocating for the establishment of a store where families can shop, an initiative we hope will extend beyond the event, becoming a year-round resource. This idea aims to provide ongoing support and access to essential resources for families in need, ensuring that the impact of the Giveathon continues well beyond its initial two-day duration.

The Giveathon promises to be an inspiring and unifying event, bringing together volunteers, donors, and organizations like JLab in a collective endeavor to provide unwavering support and hope to children and families facing difficult times. Our commitment to this cause is a testament to our dedication to making a meaningful difference in the community.

As the holiday season approaches, JLab's involvement in the Rady Children's Giveathon serves as a heartwarming reminder of the profound impact of generosity. If you'd like to join us in supporting this noble cause, you can contribute directly to the 2023 Light the Way: Rady Children's Giveathon here. Together, let's make a difference and brighten the lives of those in need.

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