JLAB 15 Year Celebration

July 2020 is the month and year we turn 15! Our hard work has shared its way to you in countless ways, allowing our company to triple in size and expand Team JLab. Our true mission is to help you #FINDYOURGO  every day whether you are on a call, in the office, with your friends, listening to tunes, or during your workout.

We just want you to GO  with high-quality audio at an affordable price. GOing should be done effortlessly, so that's why we design innovative products for you. Check out 15 highlights of the last 15 years at JLab Audio.

15 highlights for our turning 15!


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Fred Ramirez
Fred Ramirez

July 21, 2020

I ask anyone of you that don’t have JLAB products to please try them. I will guarantee you that you will love these amazing products. Not only the are affordable they are FANTASTIC!!!! Me and my family are Apple fans. Everything changed after I won a set of earbuds at our Christmas party. I said WOW!!!!!
Thank you Che lab for such great products that me and my family get to enjoy!

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