Sean Stewart's Game Day Routine

Sean Stewart's Game Day Routine

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The Rhythm of Rap: Sean Stewart's Musical Inspiration

Every player has their own rituals and routines to prepare for game day. For Sean Stewart, the powerhouse forward of the Duke men's basketball team, music is key to getting into the zone. A devoted fan of rap, Stewart's playlist features artists like Drake, Jay Z, and Kendrick Lamar. His go-to track? "Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross.

Pre-Game Pump-Up: Stewart's Playlist Essentials

Stewart's love for rap music runs deep, and he relies on his favorite tracks to hype him up before hitting the court. "Before every game, I always use the JBuds Lux to listen to my favorite songs to hype me up and tune out my surroundings so I can fully get into game mode," Stewart explains. With the beats pumping, Stewart finds the focus and energy he needs to dominate. 

Gearing Up for Success: Stewart's Choice of Headphones

Quality gear is crucial. Stewart trusts the Epic Lab Edition earbuds for their Lab Quality sound and portability. "Around campus or traveling, I love the Epic Lab Edition for being portable but having incredible sound," Stewart explains. With the right equipment, Stewart is ready to take on any opponent.

Dominating the Court: Stewart's Game Day Focus

As a key player for Duke, Stewart knows preparation and focus is key. From his curated playlist to his JBuds Lux Headphones, every aspect of his game-day routine is designed to maximize performance. With rap music fueling his drive, Stewart continues to excel in college basketball. 

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