Harmonizing Hoops: Devin Williams' Journey with JLab

Harmonizing Hoops: Devin Williams' Journey with JLab

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Devin Williams, UCLA's promising freshman forward, gears up for game day with JLab Tech!

"The partnership with JLab truly means a lot, especially for me, I have never been a huge fan of headphones, but these made me realize how important it is to have different pairs; they are super comfortable and convenient!"

With his JBuds Lux headphones, Williams dives into his pre-game playlist featuring artists like Blue Bucks Clan, Lil Baby, and Gunna, fueling his focus and energy.

Impact on the Court

In a game earlier this season against USC, Williams played a pivotal role in UCLA's victory. When the Bruins trailed 22-15, he scored four straight points to jump-start a 12-0 run, helping secure a 65-50 victory.

Staying Prepared 

Reflecting on his journey, Williams emphasizes the importance of being a supportive teammate and staying ready, despite playing in only six of UCLA’s 20 games this season.

"Trusting the process," he said. "Staying poised. Staying confident always so whenever my number is called I’ll be ready."

The Journey Ahead

With his optimism, hard work, and dedication evident, Williams is prepared for any opportunities that come his way next season and will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable player for the Bruins.

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