Misplaced Your JLab Headphones? Find Them with Google Find My Device

Misplaced Your JLab Headphones? Find Them with Google Find My Device

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In a world where connectivity is key, JLab brings a new dimension to the realm of earbud technology. JLab's latest integration with Google Find My Device elevates the user experience by allowing you to effortlessly track your earbuds, ensuring they're never too far from reach. If you're someone who often misplaces your earbuds or wishes for a more convenient way to locate them, this feature is designed just for you.

Requirements for Seamless Connectivity

To take full advantage of this feature, there are a few requirements. Your device should ideally run Android 10 or later, and your JLab earbuds need to be connected via Bluetooth to enable the Ring feature. This feature allows you to ring the Left or Right earbud individually, similar to the functionality offered by popular devices like Tile. To leverage the tracking feature, ensure you have the Google Find My Device app downloaded. Unlike some other tracking services, Google Find My Device doesn't rely on a network of users; instead, it remembers the last connected location of your earbuds for easy retrieval.

Exciting Updates on the Horizon

Additionally, it's worth noting that Google is anticipated to release a newer version of Find My Device in the coming year. JLab is planning to be part of this upgraded program, promising even more functionality and convenience in locating your earbuds.

How to use Google Find My Device

1. Connect via Google Fast Pair: Begin by pairing your JLab earbuds with your Android or Google phone using the Google Fast Pair feature.


2. Access Bluetooth Settings: Once successfully connected, navigate to your device's Bluetooth settings. Locate the connected JLab earbuds and click on the Settings icon next to the product name.


3. Access the Settings Menu: Within the settings, you'll find a menu with various options related to your JLab earbuds.


4. Select "Find Device": Click on "Find Device" to initiate the tracking feature.


5. Ring Left or Right: Choose to ring the Left or Right earbud individually to play a distinctive tone, aiding in pinpointing their location.


6. View Last Known Location: To get an idea of where your earbuds were last connected, click on "Last known location." This feature integrates with Google Maps, displaying the location for your convenience.

    Whether you're a frequent traveler, an on-the-go professional, or someone who simply enjoys the convenience of advanced technology, this integration between JLab earbuds and Google Find My Device is set to redefine how you keep track of your audio accessories. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming enhancements to the Google Find My Device program, as JLab continues to innovate and enhance your earbud experience.

    What JLab products work with Google Fast Pair and Google Find My Device?

    True wireless earbuds:

    • Epic Air ANC (Gen 2)
    • Epic Air Sport ANC (Gen 2)
    • Epic Lab Edition
    • JBuds Mini
    • Work Buds 
    • JBuds Air Pro ANC 
    • JBuds Air Sport (Gen 3)
    • JBuds Air ANC (Gen 2)
    • JBuds Air Pro 


    • Go Work Gen 2 Wireless Headset 
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