Control Your Sound

Control Your Sound

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Let's Talk About Active Noise Cancellation

ANC is as easy and simple as this: You control how much ambient noise you let in. So that means, you are in control, you have the preferences of what to listen to, who you listen to and the product you listen to it with. JLab has a great ANC Collection that will improve your audio experience.

Here are JLab's 3 Noise Control Modes:

ANC noise modes

We want to fulfill your needs when listening to your tunes, while giving you the best experience and options to choose from. Now lets dive a little bit deeper into this subject and explain the 3 noise control modes. 


Choose your level of ANC. Cancel out most outside noises so you can GO hard at the gym and silence out your kids movie but paying attention to what they are watching while you work from home. 


Low ANC is directed for someone who wants to not completely block out surrounding noises, but just enough to tune out unwanted noises. This is perfect for running but you want to hear whats close to you, you are working and want to be observant of your teams interactions.


Allow outside noises in through your earbuds while calling and listening to music feel natural and stay aware of surrounding sounds. Enjoy this feature whether you are on a run and want to hear cars passing, chatting with your buddy in the gym, and talking to your coworker while listening to your tunes. No need to pause your sound.

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