CES - Coverage of GO Air Tones

CES - Coverage of GO Air Tones

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This year was a big one for JLab at CES. With the launch of GO Air Tones True Wireless Headphones, there has been a lot of buzz in the media. We wanted to share a few articles from our friends around the globe who have been writing about our new GO Air Tones product featuring color collaboration with ORLY Color Labs.

Digital Trends

"In 2021, both JLab and Skullcandy introduced ultra-affordable true wireless earbuds — the $25 Skullcandy Dime and $25 JLab Go Air Pop. We put them head-to-head to see which ones were the best value. JLab came out on top, and now that these earbuds come in even more color choices, they’re a total no-brainer for folks who just want a simple set of true wireless earbuds." - Digital Trends

Tech Aeris

"The GO Air Tones are earbuds that you can customize to your skin tone, or at least as close as you can get to your skin tone. JLab says the idea came from its customers who have asked them for more subtle colors rather than the vibrant ones JLab has produced in the past." -Tech Aeris


"JLab says it worked with ORLY to select the final hues from an original collection of over 60 options. Given the beauty brand's experience with creating nude nail polishes, the seven colors "encompassed a variety of skin tones with a mix of warm, neutral and cool undertones. While the colors reflect actual skin tones, most users will find the colors "flattering" without an exact match, according to JLab. If you're having trouble selecting the best option, JLab offers an AR fitting room for a virtual try-on that might help you decide." - Engadget

Gear Junkie

"JLab has always made a lot of noise in this industry by creating products that stand out in features, quality, and their accessible price,” said Win Cramer, JLab’s CEO. “GO Air TONES offers great-sounding earbuds that are designed to be heard, but not seen.” "  - Gear Junkie

PC World

 "JLab says that Go Air Tones are designed to be discreet, blending in with the user’s ear to hide, if not entirely camouflage, the tech. According to the press release, JLab’s customers were asking for a design that didn’t draw attention to the fact that they were wearing headphones." - PC World


 "Most headphones are pretty conspicuous. From the brazen white AirPods to flashy Galaxy Buds2, it often seems like designers think of us more as human billboards than people. Enter the new JLab Go Air Tones, which come in a wide array of human skin tones and are designed to disappear in your ears." - Wired

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