OMNI Bluetooth Headphone Technology: Battery Life

Not only are these bad boys wireless, but they also have a play time of up to 15 hours of mind blowing sound between charges. Do you realize what kind of freedom the OMNI Headphones give you?! Here are just a few ideas for you to fully understand how empowering these headphones are, you can watch about five movies, listen to 150 songs or use on a round trip flight from Seattle to Miami. Talk about stamina. Plus the battery indicator on your smartphone will ensure you know how long you have before it's time to recharge.




OMNI Word of the Day: Stamina

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Here's how the OMNI Bluetooth Headphones compare in several specs:


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benjamin cabrera
benjamin cabrera

May 19, 2016

my phone doesn’t have the battery Indicator it connects to the jlab Omni fine but it does show the battery level
my phone is a note 4, why is this the case.

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