Noise Control Modes
and Smart ANC™

Limit the distractions and experience the sound you prefer via JLab's built-in noise control modes. JLab offers three noise control modes in the new Epic Air true wireless earbuds: ANC On, ANC Off and Be Aware Audio.

3 Noise Control Modes: ANC On (least noise), ANC OFF (medium noise), Be Aware (allows outside noise in)

ANC and ear sensitivity

It's important to note active noise canceling has evolved greatly. The Wirecutter explains "... some people may find that they can’t stand wearing noise-cancelling headphones for more than a few minutes because they feel pressure in their eardrums—a phenomenon we call “eardrum suck” because it feels like the pressure decrease you experience when riding a high-speed elevator." We worked hard to limit 'earbud suck' by focusing on hybrid and smart algorithms that sense when too much ANC is actually doing more harm than good. Learn more about JLab's Smart Hybrid ANC below.

Let's review the noise control modes below:

1. Active Noise Cancellation "ON" with Smart ANC™

Active Noise Cancellation "ON" is a great feature for limiting most outside noises that cause distractions. Using hybrid ANC – a combination of feedforward and feedbackward ANC – JLab Smart ANC adapts on-the-go to variants in environment, earbud fit and other factors to create the best audio experience.


Smart Hybrid ANC utilizes two types of ANC technology (Feedforward ANC + Feedback ANC) to provide the best combination of sound for the user.

The Feed forward ANC utilizes a microphone on the outside of the earbud to capture outside noises before they are passed through to the user and reached a high frequency. This is the ANC technology that most people have experience and has been around for years.

The Feed back ANC utilizes a microphone inside the earbud and hears the sound like the user does. This allows the technology to make corrections in the signal and affect a broader range of sound frequencies.

Smart Hybrid ANC uses feedforward and feedback microphones

Using a hybrid of both feedback and feedforward ANC allows the technology to adapt better to different variations of audio. Anything from a improperly fitted earbud to the type of music you're listening to can affect how ANC technology cancels out noises. This hybrid ANC allows JLab technology to learn from your current environment and adapts to reduce noise further.  For example when you are sitting on an airplane and turn on ANC, the noise canceling would immediately be just average. But within a matter of seconds the smart ANC will adjust to the environment and learn how to best cancel noises and keep the integrity of your music and audio, offering the the best audio experience via Smart ANC.


  • A business call or zoom meeting. Limit outside noises so you can hear your coworkers best with crystal clear audio.
  • Listening to music while you are working.
  • Studying for homework or finals.
  • A nice meditation sesh.
  • Playing video games and talking to your friends online.
  • When you want to totally zone out to only your tunes.
  • Traveling on airplanes, trains or subways

2. ANC "OFF"

ANC OFF refers to passive noise isolation. By putting on the earbuds, you'll naturally reduce the sound that is passed through the ear. Getting a good in-ear seal and fit is key to maximizing the passive noise isolation, which is why JLab products ship with multiple sizes and styles - the Epic Air products ship with: Gel tips (small, medium and large); Extra-Long tips fit further in your ear for a more snug, tighter seal (medium and large); and Cloud Foam expand to fit the ear (medium).  


  • Working where you want to limit distractions but want to be aware if a coworker approaches
  • At home where you want to hear a the doorbell ring
  • Watching a movie or series at home, where there's not much distracting sounds

3. Be Aware Audio

Allow outside noises in with Be Aware Audio. This new JLab technology allows outside ambient noise in through the earbuds. Now you can stay safe and hear surrounding sounds during a run. Learn more here.


  • Running outdoors to hear cars and other safety noises
  • Riding a bike to hear cars approaching
  • Working out with your buddy, so you can chat
  • In the office, so you can hear your coworkers while listening to music or a podcast

Further customize your sound with the JLab Air ANC app. Learn more.



8 Responses

tuggs mcdoogal
tuggs mcdoogal

January 08, 2021

great sound for the price, best i have had so far…

Sedrick Lawrence
Sedrick Lawrence

January 08, 2021

Jlab did their thing with the Epic Air ANC. First of all, the day before Xmas and I caught these on sale for $45. Major win there. After getting them home, I experimented with the fit and decided on the blue memory cloud foam tips as well as the Large extra long gel tips. Next I compared the ANC on these to the Apple Airpods Pro, and they come amazing close to the ANC power of the Airpods Pros. Then the volume impressed me, and finally the sound. They rival the sound of my Galaxy Buds Plus, a pretty clean dynamic sound without too much bass. And the app is awesome, allowing me to customize between ANC and Be Aware levels and also the EQ settings. Major major win.


December 30, 2020

I love the design and how easy it can pair with my phone. I also love the battery life and the sound is also good.

Robert White
Robert White

November 25, 2020

The anc works very well, battery life is great, sound is great, bottom line great pair of earbuds


November 13, 2020

The ANC on my Epic buds is phenomenal. It rivals my $229 Sonys at less than 1/2 the price. And they sound great too!

James E Miller
James E Miller

November 11, 2020

Once again the quality you get for price is unheard of. Picked these ANC buds up for under $40 at Target.

Michael D Danekas
Michael D Danekas

August 17, 2020

jlb got my ears long ago when they broke their butts getting me my buds when all mail failed, now you’ve built a pair my ears can finally sing back at, to, they have the Tec with your common sense attached thru-out your gold products, we all say thanks, need my pair already………michael

Edmond Lettinhand
Edmond Lettinhand

August 14, 2020

JLAB has impressed me with their high quality products. I have a pair of the Epic Air and have enjoyed using them. Keep up the great work!

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