"Take You Home" by Scars on 45 with JLab Audio

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Scars On 45 launched their new music video, "Take You Home", this week and it can be summed up in two words, absolutely lovely. 

The band based out of England, hit the the road in the states this February to perform at what they call house shows for fans. These house shows take place at a fan's house and the band performs an intimate show for their family and friends. Capturing special moments during their travels, time spent at the fan's houses, and their house show performances, made this music video genuine and heartwarming.

"I personally think it's one of my favorite videos we have ever released," said pianist/keyboard player David “Nova” Nowakowski. The house shows give the fans a chance to experience a one on one with the band while they eat, drink and be merry in the comforts of their own home. You can see the interactions between the band and their fans in the video expressing the excitement, energy, and genuine happiness it brings to the entire household. "We love doing this type of performance," said Nova.

JLab Audio and Scars On 45 "Take You Home"

Can you spot JLab sticker in the screen shot from the music video above? As JLab's Brand Ambassadors, Scars On 45 likes to #RockItOut everywhere they go and we couldn't be more happy to support them as part of our family.

Making their video as true to their everyday life as they could, "Take You Home" captured the band's personalities and emotions while on the road and at their fan's houses during their intimate performances. The last scene in the music video is especially touching to watch, as it takes place at the Flatherty's house, who Scars On 45 calls their American Family. Watching their interactions with each other, you can feel the excitement and love between the Flatherty's and the band. These are all experiences that the band and their fans will never forget. "We have had lots of fun doing these types of shows and will continue doing them as much as we can," Nova said of the house shows. How cool would it be if your favorite band came to your house and played a show for your family and friends? Count us in!

Please follow our friends and incredibly talented musicians, Scars On 45, on all of their social media sites below to stay plugged in to all things Scars On 45. Being  as active on social media as the band is, it really gives their fans a special behind the scenes look into their lives. See what they're up to this week by clicking the social media icons below!

Scars On 45 is Danny Bemrose on vocals/guitar, Aimee Driver on vocals, David “Nova” Nowakowski on piano/keyboard, and Chris Durling on drums.


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