Meet the CEO, Win Cramer

Note: This is the first in a series of blogs where you meet people from #TeamJLab (Insiders) - and get a peak into the inner workings of JLab Audio and what drives us to be the most accessible audio company in the industry. Our mission is to enhance an active lifestyle through incredible sound, inspired design, and innovative technology without the rockstar price.


Meet Win

As a 15 year electronics veteran with a scrupulous ear for audio, I’m pumped to lead the awesome JLab team. I’m passionate about well-designed audio that everyone can afford (or as my lawyer would say “is accessible to anyone.”) The JLab brand is not just my “job” it’s my life. Heck, you’ll find the wife and 10 year old pitching the brand to their friends! I’m thrilled with the products we have, the smiles we provide to our customers, and for our future. This team is legit!!! I’m an avid sports fan, #boomersooner, and after wearing the suit on Wall Street, I’m definitely a t-shirt and shorts kind of guy. Although my mother would prefer more professional attire. 

My Favorite Tunes

I listen to all sorts of music and definitely have it on at all times.  Be it throwing down the awesome moves to late 90s rap, chilling to Pink Floyd or rocking out to Motley Crue, my tastes are boundless.  Music has the ability to change your attitude and drive you to do things you never thought possible.  It’s like steroids, without the side effect of acne.



Top 5 JLab Products            

  • Best for phone calls: Any of our mic models are fantastic!  This said, I find myself using theCORE at my desk and theMETAL in the car.


  • Best under $50: Wired EPIC are an insane value for under $50.  We pushed the limits of the driver size to make it sound like you're wearing a full over-ear headphone!  If you try this and hate it you must also hate puppies.  Who hates puppies?

  • Best under $20: Being that I love the EPIC wired, a nice step down in price is theCORE.  It includes Cush Fins™ and has large drivers which really helps the sound shine.  For under $20 bucks, they’re a steal!

  • Best for travel:EPIC BT orOmni.  I use both often when travelling as I hate wires while I’m on a plane or walking through an airport.


  • Wife’s favorite: The wife uses theNEON Earbuds with the extra small tips.  She’s our biggest advocate for sure!  I walked up on her talking to a group of women the other day and heard her shaming Apple earbuds and pushing the JLab NEON.  It was a proud moment to say the least. And she's stunning.  I'm a lucky dude.

Follow Win

Want to see more from our CEO? Follow him on Twitter: @wincramer or Instagram @wincramer


3 Responses

Win Cramer
Win Cramer

August 12, 2016


We don’t do any work with Android and with a X-license we have in place we’re not allowed. From a personal perspective, I’d love to test the app!

James Highgate
James Highgate

August 12, 2016

Do you have any MP3 devices (in dev) that with play MP4 and contain BLE 4?

Are you open to co-marketing a product with some of our code to operate a few of our features? Android based.

I’m off to Fry’s to see if this (Eclipse Supra Fit) fits the bill.


(702) 622-6842


August 24, 2015

Best boss ever!

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