Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Driver Size

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A driver in an earbud is essentially what produces the sound. JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds feature 8mm dynamic drivers, more than 50% larger than the competition*! The force of motion occurring in the driver pushes more reverberation and air flow, producing high quality sound. A larger diaphragm (driver) allows for a more consistent frequency, providing more quality sound passing through the earbud. The Epic Earbud has our signature  C3™ (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology, which delivers a clean, crisp, immersive sound. With it's vibrant highs, mids and a pumping bass, our pristine high performance 8mm drivers blow the competition out of the water being up to 50% larger! 

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth Earbuds 


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Here's how Epic Bluetooth compares in several specs*:

 JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth Competitor Comparison Chart

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