Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Battery Life

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“Oh man, my bluetooth wireless earbuds are dead! I just charged them?!” said no JFan ever!

With a battery life lasting up to 10 hours, the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds pump mind blowing sound without having to worry about charging them after a workout or two. Compared to our competitors, we have up to 60% more battery capacity, meaning you have an earbud that will last you through a week’s worth of workouts, almost three marathons or a round trip flight from Seattle to Miami! Not having to charge your earbuds for up to 10 hours means everything to a fitness lover, student, athlete, traveler, busy mom on the go, heck anyone who loves listening to music wirelessly! The Epic Bluetooth Earbuds give you the freedom to #RockItOut longer and stronger than ever before! Not to brag or anything, but that is EPIC!


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