Warm up your new headphones with Audio Burn-in

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Just like participating in any physical activity, you need to properly warm up your body before you start to push yourself. The same goes for your audio equipment. To get optimum sound out of your earbuds, headphones, or speakers, we suggested that you warm them up with an audio burn-in.

JLab Audio Bluetooth Wireless BundleWhat is an audio burn-in?
To make it simple, an audio burn-in is a process used to properly exercise the diaphragm and the drivers in new audio equipment.

"The diaphragm of a new driver is stiff and does not provide the true potential of the frequency range and quality," said Reed Crawford, JLab Audio Industrial Designer and audiophile. "The burn in process loosens the driver and enhances the depth of bass and the clarity of the highs and vocals of the audio."

How long do you need to burn-in?
There are many different suggestions out there for the proper amount of hours you should burn-in your equipment, but 40 hours should get you the best results, says Crawford. Keep in mind that running 40 hours of music straight isn't necessarily good for your equipment, so we recommend about 4-5 hours each day for five days. You could also run the music while you're sleeping or at work to kill the time.

What's the best way to burn-in?
JLab suggests you connect your headphones to your computer, remove them from your ears, turn the volume to mid-level (if the music is too loud, it can damage the equipment), press play to run a variety of music for the desired time. Do not listen to your headphones while the burn-in file is playing!

Want to warm up your headphones? Click here to use or download our audio burn-in file today.
The audio burn in file contains a nonstop loop of: White noise, pink noise, radio white noise, 20-20000 Hz frequency sweeps, 10-30000 Hz frequency sweeps, 20-200 Hz frequency sweeps, as well as a minute of silence in between each for a rest period.

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