OMNI Bluetooth Headphone Technology: Share Your Music

June 08, 2015

With the simple flip of a switch, you can convert your JLabOMNI Headphones into a Bluetooth receiver. Connect ...

OMNI Tech Sweeps

June 08, 2015

Every day this week we'll be posting a blog about theOMNI Bluetooth Headphones and a specific technology comparison. At the end of each blog...

JLab Audio Partners with PowerPlay Marketing Group

June 05, 2015

JLab Ambassador Anna Nordqvist Wins 5th LPGA Title

May 31, 2015

JLab Ambassador Anna Nordqvist showed her grit and focus today to capture her 5th title at the Shoprite LPGA Classic - and 3rd win in the last 15 months. Congrats Anna!

To celebrate Anna's win, JLab will kick off a sweepstakes this week and give away 8 of her favorite earbuds - the

Father's Day Gift Guide

May 26, 2015

Spoil your dad this Father's day with JLab Audio gear to match his personality or even his favorite sports team!

Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Cable

April 24, 2015

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsAs we call ourEpic Bluetooth Earbuds "fitness proof", the Kevlar reinforced round cable proves it by providing more flexibility and d...

Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Battery Life

April 23, 2015

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsWith a battery life lasting up to 10 hours, theEpic Bluetooth Earbuds pump mind blowing sound without having to worry about charging t...

Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Fit

April 22, 2015

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsWhen designing the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds, designer Reed Crawford, made the Epic Bluet...

Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Driver Size

April 21, 2015

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsA driver in an earbud is essentially what produces the sound. JLab uses an 8mm dynamic driver in the

Epic Bluetooth Earbud Technology: Weight

April 17, 2015

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth EarbudsThe lightest, sleekest Bluetooth earbud we've ever made, theEpic Bluetooth Earbuds weigh in at only 15g. Learn more ....