Why Open Ear Audio?

Why Open Ear Audio?

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Let's talk listening experiences real quick. When true wireless headphones came onto the market years ago, there was a niche that never fully got explored...until now. We as humans want to feel connected to everything in our worlds. Why not let our headphones assist? In comes JLab. Providing the best solution for you to hear all of your surroundings as well as your tunes. Open ear headphones are for those of us who want to listen, but also want to stay aware of their surroundings. With the introduction of JLab Open Sport open ear true wireless headphones, you now have multiple ways in which you can experience Open Ear technology. They can be glasses headphones, or cycling headphones. Regardless of your activity, Open Sport is here for you!


With a simple pinch of the earhook around your ear the JLab Open Sport is ready for work, and for play.


We at JLab want everyone to have the ability to share in the Open ear experience. Whether you're rocking sunnies, or your daily readers the Open Sport glasses clips have multiple locking points that are sure to fit your favorite pair.


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