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Tile Network has everyone searching for your lost item

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We've all been there - spending hours looking for your items only for one of your roommates or family members to find it within minutes of searching. When you lose something, wouldn't you want a whole community looking for it? That's exactly the power you have through Tile Network to find your true wireless earbuds.

Find with Tile by using their network

Using the Tile app has never been more beneficial through the Tile Network. First make sure you have the tile app download and have your earbuds connected to your tile account.

Tile Tracker Network works hard so you don't have to. When you are in the range for another account your app will anonymously update the location of the Tile you located on the owner's account.

These network extenders allow your device to be found by a larger community through their wireless network. If you want your tile devices to notify you when its location is anonymously updated, select the "Notify When Found" button.

These updates happen through their signal boosters automatically and without your profile attached. This means that you will not have access to see where other devices are, and other people will not be able to see yours.

Tile Connection

Anyone can help using the Tile App. Whether you are looking to find your phone, google assistant, or earbuds outside of their charging case the Tile Network can locate that for you.

Because you don't need to have a Tile to join the network, anyone can join as a network extender by simply downloading the Tile app, eliminating some dead zones.

Most urban or suburban areas can see this as a huge advantage - as there are now potentially thousands of more devices that could be looking for their lost item.

Privacy Note: Using the Tile app is optional. While each earbud has Tile embedded, it is your choice to activate and use the Tile app.
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