JLab Sound App

JLab Sound App

Introducing the JLab Sound App - exclusively available for the JBuds Air and Epic Air ANC families of true wireless earbuds. 

Compatible with: JBuds Air Sport Gen 3, JBuds Air ANC Gen 2, JBuds Air Pro, Epic Air ANC (Gen 1 + 2), and Epic Air Sport ANC (Gen 1 + 2)

Search JLab in your app store and look for this icon.

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Offering the ultimate customization of noise controls, equalizer sounds and more, here's what you can expect from the JLab Sound App.

Noise Canceling / Be Aware
Screenshot of app showing ANC and Be Aware increase/decrease toggling

You'll be able to increase the active noise canceling from off all the way to max ANC, while in the earbuds themselves you can only select on or off. Also increase the amount of outside noise you let in by increasing or decreasing Be Aware settings.

Screenshot of app showing equalizer setting toggling

Fine tune your sound by adjusting the equalizer settings. JLab products come set with three default settings - called Custom EQ3 Sound, which features JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost and a 4th option 'Custom'. Use the JLab Air ANC App to test and set your own equalizer settings by adjusting Bass (200, 280, 400 Hz levels), Mid-Range (550, 770, 1000, 2000 Hz levels) and Treble (4000, 8000, 16000 Hz levels). You can adjust each of the four presets, which includes a 'Custom' option with levels starting flat.

Screenshot of app showing customize controls menu

JLab products come with controls on each earbuds that control anything from volume, track changes, play/pause and more. If you'd like to switch the settings, you can customize your controls further via the app.

Product Updates and more
Screenshot of app showing an update available and option to download

Via the app you can also do seamless updates to your products when available. We'll let you know when an update is available and you push GO. Other features:

  • Toggle on/off the Auto Play Sensors. If you don't like your music to pause automatically when you take the earbuds out of your ears.
  • Check the exact % of battery life in each earbud


Q: Why am I getting a warning about the earbuds needing to be above 50%?
A: Your earbuds need to hold a charge greater than 50% in order to make any changes or update. Please charge your earbuds and try again. 

Screenshot of app stating Electricity demand is over 50%

Q: Why won’t my earbuds connect to the App?
A: The JLab Sound App currently works with JBuds Air Sport Gen 3, JBuds Air ANC Gen 2, JBuds Air Pro, Epic Air ANC (Gen 1 + 2), and Epic Air Sport ANC (Gen 1 + 2). If you do not own any of these products then the app is not compatible with your pair.

If you DO own a pair of these earbuds and the App is not working please make sure your earbuds have a charge greater than 50% and that both earbuds are connected to each other. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section of the user manual for tips on how to pair. 

Q: My App isn't appearing on my screen correctly.
A: Please delete the App and redownload it from the App store.

Q: My custom settings are not saving.
A: Please delete the App and redownload it from the App store.

Q: Do I have the latest update?
A: If the button is highlighted, you do not have the latest update and a new version is ready. If the button is grey, you have the latest version.

If your issue has still not been resolved please contact Customer Support
Email support@jlab.com or Call 1-405-445-7219. 

Hours of Op: (PT)
Monday - Thurs 8-4:30
Friday 8-2

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I bought these Epic Air Sport ANC for myself after buying a crappy $20 set off Amazon that 30k people had rated. When I say crappy I mean crappy. These Jlab’s are fantastic; the sound is incredible. I love the ANC and Be Aware settings, I get my music and only my music or I can hear what the whole room is saying if I want. The audio is so crisp I now know I need hearing aids. Occasionally I spoil myself and this was a great purchase. I have proved to myself that once a again the cheapest route is more expensive in the end…. I was going to keep the Amazon ones “just because” but I’ll chuck them in the trash. Truly a fantastic product Jlab Audio, thank you !!


I will be able to use

Jared Lee Peña

Hi Shan, the app will only work with the Epic Air Sport ANC. It does not work with the GO series. -JLab


Does the app work with the GO series? The app is saying not connected


Does The App Only Work with the Epic series? I have the Air ANC earbuds. If they don’t work will the app update To Work With my existing earbuds or will I have to purchase the “epic” ones?

Pat G

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