Introducing JBuds Lux: A New Legacy in Sound

Introducing JBuds Lux: A New Legacy in Sound

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Luxurious Sound, Unmatched Innovation 

JBuds Lux ANC Headphones redefine the headphone experience, embodying a legacy of innovation and Lab-quality sound. Immerse yourself in a world of rich, luxurious audio, carefully crafted to deliver an unforgettable sonic experience. JLab's commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology is evident in every detail, ensuring that you get nothing but the best auditory experience. 

Immersive Lab Quality Sound 

Powered by 40mm drivers, JBuds Lux ANC produces sound that transcends traditional headphone experiences. Whether in a bustling commute or unwinding, revel in an uninterrupted listening experience, with an astonishing 70+ hours of playtime (40+ hours with ANC on.) JBuds Lux ANC offers an in-depth and immersive listening journey providing clarity to every note. 

JBuds Lux ANC

Elevate Your Daily Listening 

Spatial Audio and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) are your ticket to an elevated listening experience. JBuds Lux ANC Headphones are compatible with spatial audio platforms such as Dolby Atmos, Tempest 3D AudioTech, and Windows Sonic which transform ordinary moments into concert-like experiences, placing you at the center of the sound. Cancel noise up to 25 dB with Hybrid ANC or seamlessly connect to Be Aware mode to adapt to your environment and surroundings. 

JBuds Lux ANC

Customize Your Sound And Comfort  

The JLab App puts customization at your fingertips. Adjust the earcup buttons or simply use the app to adjust ANC/Be Aware settings, touch controls, and sound preferences to match your style. With presets like JLab Signature, Balance, or Bass Boost, your auditory experience is uniquely yours. Crafted for comfort, JBuds Lux ANC features Form-Fit Earcups shaped to the natural contours of your ears, coupled with 1” Cloud Foam cushions and adjustable hinges for all-day lasting comfort. Beyond sound, the JBuds Lux ANC embraces convenience with a foldable design and rotating earcups, facilitating easy storage and portability for all of life's adventures.  

JBuds Lux ANC

Enjoy Clear Calls And Effortless Connections 

Equipped with cutting-edge noise-canceling microphones, JBuds Lux ANC guarantees crystal-clear calls, eliminating external disturbances for impeccable conversations in any environment. Experience seamless connections with Bluetooth Multipoint, which allows you to toggle between two devices effortlessly. 

JBuds Lux ANC

Elevate Your Auditory Experience 

In conclusion, JBuds Lux ANC Headphones are not just a pair of headphones—they are a statement of luxury, innovation, and uncompromising audio quality. Elevate your auditory experience to new heights with these sleek and sophisticated headphones that redefine what it means to truly listen. Immerse yourself in the world of JBuds Lux ANC and embark on a journey of unparalleled sound and comfort.  

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