Discover the NEW JLab Work App: Your Ultimate Productivity Partner

Discover the NEW JLab Work App: Your Ultimate Productivity Partner

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The new JLab Work App combines customization and productivity enhancement seamlessly. Whether you're refining hotkeys, fine-tuning your mouse's refresh rate, updating firmware, or accessing tech support and registration forms, it's all conveniently integrated into a single application. Plus, the Work App is now compatible with the new JBuds Ergonomic Mouse, JBuds and Epic Mice, and JBuds and Epic Keyboards. You can easily program "saved profiles" to hotkeys on your JBuds or Epic keyboard, eliminating the need for app navigation when making profile changes. This flexible workspace upgrade is designed to boost your productivity effortlessly. Keep in mind that the Work App operates exclusively when connected via USB dongle, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

Let's dive in! Are you a frequent copy-paster, a spreadsheet wizard, or perhaps a content creator at your computer? No matter your role, we've got you covered with our latest JBuds and Epic JLab wireless keyboards and mice, seamlessly integrated into the JLab Work App. This app empowers you to map your everyday tasks to individual keys and mouse buttons, creating a tailored and efficient workspace.

For installation, visit our installer page and choose the Windows or Mac version depending on your setup. Once installed, select your desired product for customization. Remember, the Work App requires a USB dongle connection to function.

Next, pick a Profile to customize and explore the layout of buttons, each corresponding to a number on the screen. Make your desired selections, and when you're ready, hit the blue "APPLY" button in the bottom-right corner to save your changes. If you ever need to start fresh, the "RESET" button is your friend.

Now, let's explore some exemplary setups to supercharge your productivity: 


Productivity Powerhouse

Are you the Microsoft Office maestro, an analytical genius, or perhaps a coding virtuoso? If you find yourself constantly copy-pasting or juggling open tabs and applications, your Epic Mouse is here to save the day. With just a few clicks while connected to your 2.4GHz connection, you can transform your mouse into a productivity powerhouse. Imagine effortlessly copying and pasting with a single mouse click or mapping your keyboard function buttons to insert rows. Your productivity levels will soar, thanks to our seamless setup.

Here's your Epic Mouse setup for peak efficiency:


Button 2: COPY

Button 3: PASTE

Button 4: Shift + Spacebar (Select Row)

Button 5: Ctrl + N (New Workbook)


For Excel aficionados and productivity pro’s with multiple tabs open, let's supercharge your Epic Keyboard with these hotkey functions:

Ctrl + N: Open a New Workbook

Ctrl + O: Open an Existing Workbook

Alt + W: Navigate to the Data tab

F4: Reveal all "in use" applications when you've got a multitude of tabs open.

Content Creator

Are you a photographer, a designer, or a content creator immersed in the fast-paced world of production? We understand that your workflow needs to be swift and seamless, which is precisely why we've tailored JBuds keyboards and mice to cater to your needs.

If you're living in the realm of Photoshop or Premiere, where precise clipping, editing, and a full-screen view are essential, we've got the perfect solution. Imagine mapping your specific key commands to a single button on your mouse or keyboard, dramatically speeding up your editing process. It's that straightforward! With these setups, your creative process will be smoother, more efficient, and tailored to your unique needs. Unleash your creativity and watch your content flourish!

Here's your JBuds Mouse setup for optimizing your creative journey:


Button 2: COPY

Button 3: PASTE

Button 4: Command + Z (UNDO)

Button 5: V (selection tool, your go-to after every action)

Button 6: Command + S (save)

And for added convenience, here are some JBuds Keyboard hotkeys to enhance your content creation experience:

F1 and F2: Adjust screen brightness with ease.

F11: Capture screenshots of your creative masterpieces.

S +: Effortlessly insert soft word breaks into your designs.

Musical Multitasker

For those accustomed to the daily grind and always working at lightning speed, one constant is the need to effortlessly manage your playlist while tackling tasks on your laptop. Now, with the JBuds Ergonomic Mouse and JBuds Keyboard, you can seamlessly map the extra buttons to take control of your music, skip tracks, and even pause or play your favorite tunes as you power through the workday until 5 pm.

Whether you find yourself in roles such as sales, marketing, project management, or operations, your setup just got a whole lot more enjoyable:


Button 2: COPY

Button 3: PASTE

Button 4: VOLUME UP


Button 6: PLAY/PAUSE

And when it comes to managing your playlist & zoom calls, the JBuds Keyboard has you covered with dedicated functions:

Media Knob: As a company deeply rooted in audio, we understand the importance of music during the workday. That's why we've thoughtfully mapped volume and play/pause controls directly to the media knob for easy access to your playlists. It's your one-stop-shop for controlling volume and playback functions across devices like your laptop, iPhone, Android, and tablet. Plus, for those countless Zoom meetings, we've even integrated a mute button directly onto the keyboard for quick access during your calls.

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