Girl running with Epic Air Elite

Be Aware Audio. Be Safe.

Here's some examples of when to use Be Aware Audio:

  • When running outdoors to hear cars and other safety noises
  • Riding a motorcycle or bicycle to hear cars approaching
  • Working out with a buddy, so you can chat
  • When your coworker comes over to ask you a question, no need to pause your music


Here's how Iron Girl Nadia uses Be Aware Audio:


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I have did my research on earpods for performance and price these earpods are excellent iam totally satisfied with my choice looking forward for your new products in the future 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jeanpaul Shelton

Be aware mode/transparent mode allows you to hear your environment with your earbuds in. The mode is activated when you hear the voice prompt when cycling through ANC/Be Aware modes. -JLab


Just bought EPIC AIR Sport ANC, all very well but the explanations of what what ‘Be Aware’ is, is vague to none existent. On the app, when it is greyed does this mean it’s one or off? And why are there are 3 apparent modes with the headphone tap, which is which? Thank you

Darren Hodkinson

Hi Philip, when be aware is on you will hear a voice prompt that says “be aware.” -JLab


great product , my 2nd pair. but information on the be aware mode is vague , there’s no way to know if the mode is on or off. any suggestions on this ?


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