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JLabJBuds ProtectHearing protection earplugs

JBuds Protect

Hearing protection earplugs with two noise reduction levels

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  • Reusable ear protection with two noise reduction levels
  • Max noise reduction (closed) for power tools, sleep or focus - 22 dB
  • Min noise reduction (open) for sporting events, concerts and more – 11 dB
  • Comfortable fit with 5 tip sets (S/M/L; triple flange silicone; 1 Foam Tip)
  • Small carrying case with keychain loop
  • Lifetime Warranty Details


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JBuds Protect

Turn down the noise. Turn up the Fun.

Hey there, party people! Are you tired of those boring, one-size-fits-all ear plugs that just don't cut it when you're trying to block out noise at a concert or construction site? JBuds Protect reusable adult hearing protection ear plugs offer TWO levels of noise reduction! That's right, you can adjust the ear plugs to block out just the right amount of noise for your specific environments. And the best part? These bad boys can reduce noise by up to 22 decibels! So whether you're trying to sleep on a flight or rock out at a festival, these ear plugs have got you covered.

Why protect your hearing?

Two levels of hearing protection
Two levels of hearing protection

JBuds Protect feature a rotating sound tube for 2 levels of noise reduction – one for fun and one for focus.

Fun mode
Fun mode

Activate fun mode when you want to still enjoy your environment but not damage your hearing. Minimum noise reduction (open setting) is great for sporting events, concerts, motorcycling and more – with a noise reduction of 11 dB. Twist the bottom of the earplugs to change noise reduction settings.

Focus Mode
Focus Mode

Activate focus mode when you want maximum noise reduction and ultimate quiet. At the closed setting JBuds Protect eliminate up to 22 dB - great power tools, sleep or focus.

Comfortable Fit
Comfortable Fit

JLab has made a name and sold millions of earbuds understanding how to get a good fit. The JBuds Protect come with five tip options – so you can get a good in-ear seal that’s comfortable and safe. A crowd favorite is the Cloud Foam tips.

Carrying Case
Carrying Case

The itty-bitty case is perfect for attaching to your keychain via the loop so you have them wherever you go. Or slip them into your pocket as you head into the concert. But that's not all, folks. These earplugs are reusable, meaning you'll save money in the long run and be doing your part for the environment.

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

If you're looking for some serious ear protection, JLab's got your back (or rather, your ears) with our lifetime warranty on hearing protection earbuds. So, go ahead and rock out at the concert or block out the sound of the power tools, 'cause these babies are built to last. And if for some crazy reason they don't, JLab's got your back with that lifetime warranty. #earsbeforefears

Tech Specs

  • JBuds Protect
  • Includes: Earplugs, 5 tip sets, Carrying case, Keychain loop, lifetime warranty
  • Up to 22 dB of noise reduction
  • Weight: 3.2g/each (Earplugs), 6.6g (Case)
  • Total Weight: 13g (Case)
  • Earplug Dimensions: 0.3in L x 0.3in D x 0.8in H (with cloud foam tip)
  • Case Dimensions:1.21in L x 0.82in D x 1.08in H
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