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JLabJBuds Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

JBuds Ergonomic Mouse

Multi-device vertical wireless mouse reduces strain

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  • Ergonomic full-size mouse reduces hand/wrist strain
  • Connect via Bluetooth or USB wireless dongle
  • Easy switch between three saved devices
  • 4+ months battery life (rechargeable via USB-C, 600 mAh)
  • Silent clicks with 7 buttons (RH compatible)
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS
  • JLab Work app allows for saved profiles and button customization


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JBuds Ergonomic Mouse


The JBuds Ergonomic Mouse offers blissful comfort with a personalized set-up for your favorite functions and tasks. With seven buttons, you have everything you need to reach WFH greatness, and everything you want to play your game, your way. The vertical design provides a natural angle for your wrist and hand, so switching between your favorite functions and your top devices is effortless.


Designed to mimic the most natural handshake position, the JBuds Ergonomic Mouse rests at a cozy 52-degree angle. This angle helps reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries, and if you're someone who deals with hand and wrist pain, this ergonomic mouse might just be your new best friend, offering some much-needed relief.


The JBuds Wireless Mouse is compatible with three—count ‘em, three!—device connection options. You can pair with nearly any type of device using Bluetooth 5.2, or USB. We hate pairing confusion too, so we made it super easy for you to switch between saved devices.


Through our JLab Work App, you can program specific buttons to fit how you like to use your favorite applications. And why choose? Paste your most used Excel formulas or paste the same text with a simple click of a button. With up to three unique profiles, you can easily switch between them depending on what you’re doing. Check out some example set-ups.


Adjustable tracking allows you to change the sensitivity of your mouse so you can move at your own speed. Whether you like to click around on turbo or leisurely make your way down a page, the JBuds Wireless Mouse will adjust to the right pace for you.


We’re very familiar with the looks you get from your newly appointed WFH colleagues, fellow café-goers, and napping pets when clicking gets out of hand. That’s why we design all of our mice with silent buttons—so you can click away without raising any eyebrows (or ears).

Tech Specs

Mouse, Charging cord – USB-C to USB-A, Quick Start Guide


  • Battery: Rechargeable 600 mAh
  • Battery Life: : 4+ Months* (battery life will vary based on user/computing conditions)


  • Connection 1: USB Wireless Dongle (2.4 GHz)
  • Connection 2: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Connection 3: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Number of Saved Devices: Up to 3
  • Wireless range: 30 feet

  • Left Button: Left click
  • Right Button: Right click
  • Middle Button: DPI Adjustment
  • Side Button 1: Forward
  • Side Button 2: Backward
  • JCon Button: Desktop
  • DPI: 1200 – 2400
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Button Acting Force: 60 ± 15 g
  • Wheel Acting Force: 30 ± 10 g


What is the ergonomic design of the JBuds Wireless Mouse, and how does it benefit users?

The JBuds Ergonomic Mouse is designed to mimic a natural handshake position, resting comfortably at a 52-degree angle. This design helps reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and provides relief for individuals experiencing hand and wrist pain.

How many device connection options does the JBuds Ergonomic Mouse offer, and what are they?

The JBuds Wireless Mouse offers three device connection options, including Bluetooth 5.2 and USB. We've simplified the pairing process, making it easy for you to switch between saved devices without any confusion.

Can I customize the buttons on the JBuds Ergonomic Mouse to suit my preferences?

Yes, you can! With the JLab Work App, you have the flexibility to program specific buttons to match your preferred functions in your favorite applications. This customization allows you to streamline tasks like pasting Excel formulas or text with a single click. You can create up to three unique profiles to switch between depending on your needs.

What is adjustable tracking, and how does it improve the user experience?

Adjustable tracking allows you to change the sensitivity of the mouse, enabling you to control the cursor's speed according to your preference. Whether you prefer a rapid or leisurely mouse movement, the JBuds Wireless Mouse adapts to your pace seamlessly.

How noisy are the buttons on the JBuds Wireless Mouse?

To ensure a peaceful working environment, the JBuds Mouse is designed with silent buttons. You can click away without disturbing your WFH colleagues, café-goers, or even napping pets, keeping things quiet and efficient.

How can the JBuds Ergonomic Mouse enhance productivity and comfort during work or leisure?

This ergonomic mouse offers a natural and comfortable hand position, reducing strain and discomfort. Its versatile device compatibility, button customization, adjustable tracking, and silent buttons contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable computing experience.

Can I pair these items to one dongle adapter if I purchase a mouse and keyboard?

Yes, you can pair any JBuds and Epic mouse or keyboard to one dongle. Follow these steps: