XDA – Play Gaming Headset Wins Best Nintendo Switch Headset

XDA has nominated the JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset as the overall best headset for the Nintendo Switch.

"The Nintendo Switch is a versatile console, and unless you want to buy a bunch of headsets, you want one that works in every scenario….and that headset is the JLab Audio Play Gaming headset. This headset is one you can use either wired or wireless. You’ll get both an AUX cable and a USB cable, so you can plug it in whether you’re in docked or handheld mode. Also, the headset is slim and comes with a carrying case — two crucial factors if you’re looking to carry the headset with you on the go. Finally, you can use the JLab Audio Play headset via Bluetooth." - XDA

Read the full review here and shop the JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset.