Wired – JBuddies Studio Wireless Wins Best Headphone for Growing Kids

Wired – JBuddies Studio Wireless Wins Best Headphone for Growing Kids

These are the best headphones for kids 

Music is a great way to change your kids mood and children love plugging into the digital world to relax. Parents want what's best for their kids and when picking out a headphone, we make sure safety is the focus of our products. When you are choosing headphones for your littles you want to purchase noise cancellation which will prevent your child from turning the volume up higher than is necessary.  

Wired Recommends, a trusted guide to the best technology made the list for the best headphones for kids. Jlab's JBuddies Studio Wireless is made for any child six to 16 years of age. 

JBuddies in blue or purple offer safe-volume control through vigorous testing and built-in volume regulators, to ensure kids never rock out past 85db. Trust that young, sensitive ears aren’t damaged.

The new 2020 JBuddies Studio offer the ease of Bluetooth and versatility to go wired at school or while traveling. With a 24+ Hour battery life, JBuddies Studio provide all-day comfort for school or home with JLab’s on-ear Cloud Foam™ Cushions.

Our favorite unique feature is the Shareport option, two kids can listen to their favorite music or watch a movie with the built-in together. Keep young ears safe with a volume regulator so the kids can listen to music 85db and below, perfect for sensitive and growing ears. Built in controls and microphone help kids go from wired to wireless quick and simple. No fuss necessary.


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