How it works: Active Noise Cancellation

How it works: Active Noise Cancellation

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One of the favorite benefits of headphones is the ability to help focus. Headphones on. World Out. On your commute, in the office, at the gym - nearly everywhere humans use headphones to help them focus or get away.

There are TWO types of noise cancellation: Active & Passive

  1. Passive tends to lead to a heavier headphone, packed with materials to block out the noise, many think this doesn’t work as efficiently, which it doesn't. Passive noise cancellation does not utilize any power technology to block noise, but rather just blocks with materials, etc.
  2. Active is where the speakers reduce unwanted background noise when you are listening to your tunes. Say goodbye to car horns, plane engines, and people talking on the phone by you as you are trying to get your sweat on in the gym. Active noise canceling creates an alternative sound wave to offset other noise coming into the headphone. Because something is created, power is needed for the device.

How does active noise cancellation work?

Noise Canceling technology

Step 1: The incoming ambient sounds of outside noise (planes, trains, and automobiles) try to break through your headphone’s barrier.

Step 2: Inside the headphone is a microphone that picks up those sounds and sends them through the noise canceling process.

Step 3: A noise cancellation circuitry inverts the wave to create a new waveform and sends it to the headphones speaker.

Step 4: The original ambient sound and new waveform meet and cancel each other out, clearing your music from those pesky distraction noises.

 As easy as that, you are distraction-free. Go hours in the gym without distractions, walk outside without listening to automobiles and horns, and listen to your headset on a plane as you take off. With the option of ANC, you're distraction-free!

Check out our ANC Collection where you can choose your preference in 3 noise control modes: Low ANC, High ANC, and Be Aware Audio. These are best when you are on a plane, running outside, in the gym, or working in the office and want to tune into your music or calls.

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