MLS All-Star Giveaway

MLS All-Star Giveaway

Next week JLab is heading to MLS All-Star week in Orlando, Florida!
If you're not in the Orlando area, we still want to help you get pumped about it, and if you are there...get even more excited! 

Starting Saturday, July 27 to July 31, we'll be running a giveaway for THREE WINNERS to win an MLS All-Star bundle. 


1  MLS Exclusive Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

2  4 match tickets of your choice

3  Adidas soccer t-shirt

MLS giveaway image

Here's how you enter:

1  Open Snapchat camera + tap and hold Snapcode (head to

2  Select earbud + try on

3  Share your style using #JLabFitting and tag @JLabAudio

JLab Snapchat instructions


Head to our MLS All-Star Week blog to learn more about events happening and the schedule for the week!

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