MLS All-Star Week 2021

All-Star week runs August 21-25 | MLS All-Star Game: Wednesday, 8/25 

If you are in Los Angeles and attending, we hope to see you there! Get an inside look at all the events and activities by following JLab on instagram! 

JLab's All-Star Ambassadors 

This year JLab has a total of 3 ambassadors playing in this year's All-Star Game. We'll be cheering them on as they compete in Wednesday's night game after Soccer Celebration!  

All-Star Activities and Events

  • All-Star is kicking off with the eMLS All-Star Challenge. All players will be sporting a custom pair of JLab's new Play Pro Gaming Headset.
  • JLab will be handing out FREE headphones during Soccer Celebration + All-Star Game.  All MLS + Liga MX players will receive their own customizable GO Air POP
  • Those attending the game or watching from home will be able to spot our active LEDs during the game. 

Check out the full MLS All-Star week schedule here. 

MLS All-Star + JLab Giveaway!

That's right! Head to our Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to enter the MLS All Star Giveaway on 8/17. 

The giveaway will include: 

  • Official MLS All-Star Match Ball 
  • Official MLS All-Star Jersey 
  • 2 tickets to either the All Star game or any *regular season game
  • Pair of the brand new GO Air POP earbuds in the color of your choice 
  • $100 JLab gift card 

*regular season tickets are contingent on the stadium's availability & their COVID-19 protocols 

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Carla Barrio
Carla Barrio

September 27, 2021

Send me some I can Post my picture. I know I’m not a all star. But I can look cute with mines on. I’m a fan of JLab Bluetooth. I order some things from y’all.

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