JLab MLS All Star Recap

2021 MLS All Star week kicked off on August 22nd with an eMLS tournament.  Our ambassador, Giuseppe Guestella, took home the eMLS All Star win for LA Galaxy! Congrats Giuseppe! 


Throughout All Star Week JLab and ambassadors had an exciting week participating in different events leading up to the All Star Game. 

During Soccer Celebration, the JLab team gifted over 500 Retro Rewind Headphones. All players from MLS and Liga MX received a Studio Pro ANC headphones and the new GO Air POP. 

 MLS All Star Game 

JLab cheered on ambassadorsWalker Zimmerman, Luis Nani, and Lucas Zeleryan as they competed during the game. After 90 minutes of play, the score was tied 1-1 and a winner was determined by a shootout. Behind an incredible showing from Matt Turner in goal, Ricardo Pepi scored the gamer winner for MLS!

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